Eleventh Generation

299. Kenneth Dyer Clark was born in 1894 in Chicago (Hyde Park), IL, USA. He has reference number REFN-567.

Kenneth Dyer Clark and Ida Rust MacPherson were married in 1921 in Saginaw, MI, USA. Ida Rust MacPherson, daughter of James Grant MacPherson and Ida Grout Rust, was born on 10 September 1895 in Saginaw, MI, USA. She died on 23 January 1963 at the age of 67 in Hot Springs, West Virginia, USA. She was buried in Quaker Cem., Camden, SC. Ida has reference number REFN-568.

Kenneth Dyer Clark-567 and Ida Rust MacPherson-568 had the following children:



Mariette Rust Clark was born in 1922. She has reference number REFN-571.



Kenneth MacPherson Clark was born in 1924. He has reference number REFN-572.



Eric Sardeson Clark-573.