Thirteenth Generation

612. Marilyn Kay Alm was born in 1949. She has reference number REFN-270.

Marilyn Kay Alm and Gregory Alan Syse were married in 1970. They were divorced before 1984. Gregory Alan Syse has reference number REFN-283.

Marilyn Kay Alm-270 and Gregory Alan Syse-283 had the following children:



Hilary Jan Syse-284.

Marilyn Kay Alm and Kirby Steven Letheby were married in 1984 in Poynette, Columbia, WI, USA. Kirby Steven Letheby was born in 1951. He has reference number REFN-288.

Marilyn Kay Alm-270 and Kirby Steven Letheby-288 had the following children:



Ashley Nicole Letheby was born in 1986. She has reference number REFN-289.