Twelfth Generation

360. Neil Arthur Sardeson was born in 1960 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.26 He has reference number REFN-1960.

Neil Arthur Sardeson and Rowena McCormack were married in 1985 in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.26 Rowena McCormack has reference number REFN-1963.

Neil Arthur Sardeson-1960 and Rowena McCormack-1963 had the following children:



Thomas Alan Sardeson was born in 1995 in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. He tried out for the Gold Coast Regional Basketball Team and got in in 2007 in Australia. He is one of the vice captains of his debating team at school in 2007 in Australia. Thomas has reference number REFN-1964.



Drew Francis Sardeson was born in 1997 in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. He has reference number REFN-1965.