First Generation

1. Henry/Henrie Sardeson1,2 owned Strip of Land in 1609 in Calverton, NOTTS, England.2 He died in 1619 in Calverton, NOTTS, England.2 Henry died in 1619 leaving a Will of Inventory of his Goods and Chattels, so we get a good picture of his way of life. He was a husbandman or small farmer farming his own land. His wife, Joan Hodgkynson, had died two years earlier in 1617. Of the three surviving children, Robert had married Alice Mantle of Gedling, NOTTS, England on 01-NOV-1614 and had, by then, two children, Anne, born 1615 and Randolph. Anne was left £1 by her grandfather and baby Randolph was left "foure strikes of malt". Son John who was married to Isabel Ashtonne in 1618 was left two bacon flitches, one black chest with its contents, eight score (160) of geese in the Forest (Sherwood Forest) one quarter of rye, one quarter of malt and "one heffer calfe of colloe browne". Johns children Robert, John, and Alice where made Executors of the estate and inherited a third of the residue of his estate. He has reference number REFN-1499. A survey of Sherwood Forest in 1609 shows that Henry owned a strip of land in Calverton, NOTTS, England.

Henry/Henrie Sardeson and Joan Hodgkynson were married on 25 October 1576 in Calverton, NOTTS, England.1,2 Joan Hodgkynson2 died in 1617. She has reference number REFN-1507.

Henry/Henrie Sardeson-1499 and Joan Hodgkynson-1507 had the following children:



Elizabeth Sardeson2 was born in 1578 in Calverton, NOTTS, England. She died in 1616 in Calverton, NOTTS, England. She has reference number REFN-1508.



Robert Sardeson-1510.



William Sardeson2 was born in 1583 in Calverton, NOTTS, England. He died in 1583. He has reference number REFN-1509.



John Sardeson-1511.



Alice Sardeson-1512.