Twelfth Generation

350. Alan J Sardeson was born in 1930.37 He has reference number REFN-1458.

Alan J Sardeson and Valerie Atkin were married in 1952.37 They37 were divorced before 1984.37 Valerie Atkin was born in 1929.38 She has reference number REFN-1459.

Alan J Sardeson-1458 and Valerie Atkin-1459 had the following children:



Andrew Sardeson was born in 1958.37 He was adopted.19,37 He has reference number REFN-1461.



Marion Jane Sardeson-1462.



Anne Jacqueline Sardeson-1463.

Alan J Sardeson and Sharon Lesley Johnson were married in 1984.37 Sharon Lesley Johnson has reference number REFN-1460.